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The New Storm Optimus Bowling Ball

Introducing the Storm Optimus bowling ball, available this July 2014. Consisting of some of the strongest symmetrical balls on the market, the Master line is designed for bowlers trying to master their craft. With core features aimed at pushing the limits of Radius of Gyration (RG) and Differential, this line has created a name for […]

Storm Lucid Bowling Ball – Coming Soon

Introducing the new Storm Lucid bowling ball from Storm Bowling. Starting at the center, the heart of the bowling ball, the technical team incorporated one of our strongest designs to date, an asymmetrical shape known as the M.A.D.™ core. Maximum Accelerating Disc technology optimizes the shapes of the RG planes to allow you to perfectly […]

Storm IQ Bowling Ball Review

What’s your bowling IQ? Well if you’re looking to improve your scores and add some smarts to your game, the Storm IQ Bowling Ball is your ball of choice! Release Date: July 10, 2012 Design When considering a ball for heavier oil, you need to look for strong coverstocks and weight blocks, or cores, that […]

Storm Fire Road – Storm Bowling’s Newest Thunder Line Release

Your parents told you not to play with fire. This time, they’ll make an exception… Introducing the new Storm Fire Road Bowling Ball; getting ready to burn up the lanes this July. Looking at the core, we’ll power the Fire Road™ with the proven Inverted Fe3 Technology weight block first introduced in the Victory Road™. […]

New Storm Bowling Ball Release – Storm Modern Marvel Bowling Ball

Behold the new Storm Modern Marvel bowling ball, Storm Bowling’s newest release into the Master line of bowling balls. Release Date: February 07, 2012 Design One of the most popular balls of this year’s World Series of Bowling, the Marvel™ Pearl was preferred by Ryan Shafer, Dom Barrett, and many more looking to open up […]

New Storm Bowling Ball Release – Storm Crossroad Bowling Ball

Are you ready for the new Storm Crossroad bowling ball? The Storm Crossroad is the latest release into their Thunder line of bowling balls. Design The number one factor of ball motion is coverstock. So, when we are looking to expand upon the Victory Road with the proven components of the Hy-Road, we first started […]