Motiv Venom Toxin Bowling Ball Video & Review

The Venom Toxin™ displays bright colors as a warning – This hybrid is deadly! On light to medium oil, it is clean down the lane with a smooth, but angular backend that strikes with destructive force. At the heart of the Venom Toxin is the proven Gear™ core. It produces a low RG for easy revs and a low differential to tame track flare and retain striking power. The cover on the Venom Toxin is a new twist on Atomix technology called Hybrid Radial Reactive, aka Atomix HR. It skids cleanly down the lane, then attacks on the backend with devastating power.

Ball Review:Venom Toxin – Layout 65 X 4 ½ X 65

MOTIV’s current goal is to release bowling balls that will be able to provide bowlers with an arsenal of equipment to combat all conditions.

Description: The Venom Toxin is the second Venom placed in the lower mid-price range. The coverstock on the Venom Toxin is a modified version of the Atomix coverstock called Hybrid Radial Reactive. For the core, MOTIV again used Gear Core from the recent Venom Strike and retired GT1.

Reaction: The Venom Toxin is very clean through the front part of the lane and provides a sharper controlled downlane motion, notice I didn’t describe it as angular. The Venom Toxin is a great ball when you find yourself playing straighter angles, but some of your more predictable pieces don’t recover enough. For me the Venom Toxin provides a shape between your smoother predictable pieces and your pieces that have a lot of backend. I tend not to get in too deep as I don’t have the rev rate, but at the same time I don’t like get too straight, both of the Venom’s typically let me play in the zone where I am most comfortable.

Comparisons: For me, the Venom Toxin comes out when the Venom Strike is either too early or too smooth downlane. It also plays well when my Thrash Frenzy moves me too far left, the Venom Toxin doesn’t have as much backend potential. Although the Venom Toxin is just as clean as the Thrash Frenzy, the Venom Toxin’s attempt to recover is much more subtle.

Summary: I think that both Venoms make for a really good 1-2 combination and at a very low price point! The Venom Toxin gives you more backend than usual for a ball with predictability and control.

Mike Magolan, MOTIV Staff Member and Turbo Staff Member

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