MOTIV Thrash Frenzy Bowling Ball Video & Review

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Ball Review by MOTIV/Turbo Staff Member – Mike Magolan

Description: The Thrash Frenzy is the second Thrash produced by MOTIV, again being added to the mid-performance range. You will find the motion of the Thrash Frenzy exactly the opposite from the original even rolling Thrash. The Thrash Frenzy uses the same Quadfire core as the previous Thrash, but with a pearlized version of the Whiplash coverstock.

Reaction: The addition of Thrash Frenzy has filled MOTIV’s slot for a late hooking, medium oil ball. With the release of the 2 Cruel and Primal Scream, MOTIV has added some balls that really change direction down the lane and the Thrash Frenzy is no different! I’ve heard people say, “I don’t like balls that skid-flip”. I agree, skid-flip to me means it goes forever and has an uncontrollable backend motion, who would want a ball that does that. The core is very predictable and the pearlized coverstock on the Thrash Frenzy proves to easily get down the lane and once it starts to hook you will see the reliability of that strong down lane hook! I am very up the back of the ball and still have no problem seeing a strong down lane motion.

Comparisons: The Thrash Frenzy is a great ball for transition. When my Primal Scream is too strong I am able to switch to the Thrash Frenzy and get the ball much deeper on the pattern. I am not suggesting moving further in but the ball will allow me to play in a similar spot when throwing the Primal Scream, yet it gets down the lane further and still has plenty of recovery. I also say it’s a great transition ball because it also has been good when my Venom Strike is hooking too soon. I can pull out the Thrash Frenzy move in further with my feet and the ball is long enough and strong enough to fit in there as well.

Summary: The Thrash Frenzy is one of those balls I can always transition to and will be in my bag on almost all occasions. The only time the ball may not be beneficial is on extreme wet patterns.

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