Motiv Tank Bowling Ball Video & Review

Ball Review:
Tank: 50 X 4 ¾ X 50

MOTIV’s current goal is to release bowling balls that will be able to provide bowlers with an arsenal of equipment to combat all conditions.

Description: The Tank uses the same Gear Core found in both Venom’s, while introducing the new Ballistix Solid Urethane Coverstock.

Reaction: The Tank has allowed me to start the ball in the track area so far in league and although that isn’t ideal for a league scoring pace I can see that on lighter or shorter conditions it will allow me to play that part of the lane when needed. The Tank wants to start up very soon and has very little backend which is optimal for control.

Comparisons: The Tank is just a touch cleaner in the front part of the lane compared to my Solid Ascent, where the Tank really differs is in the backend. Once the Tank starts its trajectory that is pretty much the line it will hold from the foul line to pins, there is very little backend motion nor should there be for a Urethane ball. Comparing it to the Venom Toxin since they both have the same core, the hybrid polished cover on the Venom Toxin allows the ball to be cleaner than the Tank but, once it starts to hook it shows just how much stronger it is compared to the Tank.

Summary: Those looking for that old school urethane look MOTIV has released the Tank just for you! The Tank will give you more options to confront shorter or lighter oil patterns. It is also a great option for those with very high rev rates when looking for something that hooks more reliable than your spare ball!

Mike Magolan, MOTIV Staff Member and Turbo Staff Member

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1 thoughts on “Motiv Tank Bowling Ball Video & Review

  1. armbahr says:

    I am rev dominant and this ball is the ticket when I am having problems with the ball breaking too soon. It gives you a nice controllable arc in dry conditions as opposed to the snap of the lower performance reactive resin balls. I really like this ball. I also use it on synthetic lanes with good oil as my spare ball as it is more predictable than the plastic spare ball.

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