Lane #1 Massacre Red Death Bowling Ball Reaction Video

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Be prepared to slaughter your competition with Lane #1’s all new Massacre Red Death.

Pin to PAP(4 1/2″ over 1/2″ up) – 4 1/2″
Mass Bias Position – N/A
CG to PAP – 4 3/4″
Balance Hole – None

Surface Preparation – Left at Box Finish (2000-grit Abralon)

What I Was Looking For In This Layout: This is the first Lane #1 ball I’ve gotten to test, so I was pretty excited to see what it could do. I decided to use a neutral drilling on this ball to get a feel for what it could do. With the pin and CG stacked on the center line, I usually get a medium reaction with decent overall hook.

What I Ended Up With In This Ball Layout: This ball by far exceeded my expectations in terms of reaction and control! This ball picked up a roll early in the heads giving me a predictable movement down lane. One thing different that I got from this ball compared to others I’ve thrown like this is the amount of reaction is has on the backend. Generally when the ball reads the heads as well as this does, you’ll get a nice arc to the pocket. With the Massacre Red Death, this ball picked up a roll and still snapped hard off the breakpoint.

I started out using the Massacre Red Death on a freshly oiled house condition. Normally I would stand around 22-25 and play in between the 2-3 arrow. Left at box surface, this was a little strong for me. I started standing on 30 and targeted in between the 3rd and 4th arrow. If I was going to miss, I needed to miss right down the lane. The ball had no problem making up room if I missed right. If I missed left, I could expect a 4 pin or a few stone 9’s.

There did not seem to be a limit on how far left you could move with this ball. I tried a few shots standing on 45 and looping the whole lane. No need to keep the speed down as the ball had plenty in getting back to the pocket no matter how far right I threw it.

Overall, I would say this is a great ball for medium to heavy oiled conditions. The surface tears through oil and gives a great reaction on the backend. With the energy stored down lane, you’re not going to see much deflection. I would recommend a little polish if you plan on using this on medium to light oil shots.

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