Hammer Ratchet Bowling Ball Video & Review

Hammer Ratchet Bowling Ball Video Review
Hammer Ratchet bowling ball video & review by Matthew Giangarra

The Hammer – Ratchet is a strong continuous ball that gets great length. It is very forgiving when you miss left, because of the continuous motion. It also forgives when you tug it inside due to it’s hybrid cover.

This ball would be a great addition to the Cranker that wants to move closer to the dry, without getting overreaction. It also favors bowlers who play on a condition that doesn’t allow them to move a whole lot. Staying in one area, even through transition, is a big strength of the Ratchet.

Ball Description

Add the perfect tool to your bowling arsenal. The Hammer Ratchet combines a modified version of our M.P.A. core with a hybrid version of our Grand Theft Reactive II coverstock. The Hammer Ratchet has enough twist to turn through the mid-lane on medium to medium-heavy oil patterns.

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