Don Carter Major 52 Bowling Ball Reaction Video & Review

Don Carter Major 52 Bowling Ball Video

Christina Hardee’s Review of the Don Carter Major 52 Bowling Ball:

I really put this ball along the same category with the Defiant and the Nexus solid. Today’s technology is just delivering some great equipment and this is by far the best solids to ever hit the market.

Having thrown both of the balls above i really just find this ball to be more.. It gets into the roll a little earlier it makes more angle and just all around seems to retain its energy better than any solid i have thrown.

The amount of energy the Don Carter Major 52 hits the pins with is awesome. I’m neither a high speed player or a high rev player so the solids for me tend to be something that rolls out early and have no power once they find the pins. With the major 52 this is just plain and simple not the case. I can move all the way left and this ball makes the corner and fights back the whole way. Carry is not an issue for me at all with it.

For a new line of balls these are extremely impressive. If your considering a new solid, the Don Carter Major 52 is a must must must!

My layout for this ball was pin up just above the bridge. Layout is 65/5/30

Thanks for your time,

Christina Hardee

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