Columbia 300 Ransom Demand Bowling Ball Reaction Video

Ball Layout – 5″ Pin
Surface – Out of Box

Review of the Columbia 300 Ransom Demand:

In order to get a good read on this ball, I tried one of my favorite ball layouts on it, pin above the middle finger. This typically creates great length and strong backend motion for me.

The Ransom Demand is a great all around ball for my arsenal. It is smooth off the break point and provides a consistent reaction through each house that I bowl at. I find that this works best for me on fresh lane patterns.

Overall I believe this is a great ball for medium to heavier fresh oil patterns.

Columbia 300 is proud to announce the release of the Ransom Demand, a ball that will give you traction in medium to heavy oil and will create more area and continuation in the back end. We’ve taken the original Full Swing core and wrapped it around the aggressive and versatile Super Tilt 2.0 shell to give you an outstanding performing product on many lane conditions.

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