Brunswick Meanstreak Bowling Ball Video & Review

Get ready to show your Meanstreak! Introducing the new high performance Brunswick Meanstreak bowling ball.


The Addaptive ƒ(P2) Pearl coverstock is Brunswick’s latest advancement in performance enhancing additive chemistry. ƒ(P2) describes our latest ƒormula which multiplies our (P)rojection additive with an aggressive reactive coverstock base creating a Super Clean cover that skids easily down the lane creating maximum versatility. This new formulation produces the cleanest front end, while maintaining traction on the backend to create the most versatile coverstock to date for Brunswick.


The new Meanstreak High RG symmetrical core features a long and lean design to provide maximum energy retention. Adding a mass around the equator stabilizes the dynamics to enhance the versatility of the core.


With its High Gloss finish, the Meanstreak is super clean through the front, retaining axis rotation for the backend with a strong continuous breakpoint. This combination of coverstock and core creates an extremely versatile motion and a great “Go To” ball on lower volume & broken down lane conditions.


The Meanstreak can be drilled using the standard drilling techniques developed for symmetric bowling balls.

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