Ebonite Persevere Bowling Ball Reaction Video

Ebonite Persevere bowling ballWe all have to Persevere through trials in life. This ball is dedicated to a famous bowler Tommy Jones, and all bowlers who persevere through life. This ball persevere’s through the oil continuing to the pocket with a strong back-end. You will want to use this ball on medium oil lanes or with oil patters that are a little broken down. Also, since this ball is a Reactive Hybrid it will read the lanes a little more than a normal Hybrid and hook slightly more in the back-end.

“This ball, combined with the recent release of the Ebonite Challenge, is going to fill gaps in my arsenal and help me in tournaments all over the world. The Persevere especially can go either way – I can shine it up when the lanes hook a lot, or put a 1000 grit finish on it when they are tight. I love that versatility. It reminds me of the Game Breaker a little bit because of how much I can use it. I’m definitely looking forward to the upcoming season with my new pieces.” – Tommy Jones

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